To check the status of your completed forms, please check your Status Page.

Submission Deadlines

ALL required LandSea paperwork & final payment is due by July 15th.

Failure to meet the paperwork and payment deadline may result in your ineligibility to participate and forfeiture of any refund.

Please note: for those applying for LandSea scholarships the registration, deposit, and scholarship indication on the registration must be submitted by June 15th.

LandSea Required Paperwork

LandSea Registration & Deposit

First things first, let’s get you signed up for the trip! Complete the LandSea Registration no later than July 15th (or June 15th for those applying for a LandSea scholarship). While completing the registration there will be a spot to complete the $25 non-refundable deposit by credit card.

Scholarship Eligibility (optional) Рdue by June 15th

Scholarship consideration deadline: June 15th

In order to be considered for one of the LandSea scholarships, applicants must complete and submit the LandSea Registration form, complete the deposit payment, and indicate on the Registration that they would like to be considered for additional scholarship funding by June 15th.

Sometimes we do have limited scholarship funding available after the deadline – if you’ve missed the deadline but are still interested in attending LandSea, feel free to contact us to inquire about available scholarship funds.

Gear & Clothing Rental Request – due by July 15th

ALL LandSea participants must complete the LandSea Participant Gear Request form before July 15th, whether or not you plan to rent gear from us – this helps staff verify they have accurate information for all participants.

Participants in LandSea can rent much of the required gear and clothing from us at no additional cost. Please review the Info Packet for your LandSea program (which includes a detailed packing list) BEFORE completing the form so you know what gear and clothing are required.

Rental gear will be ready for pick-up on LandSea Check-In Day.

This form MUST be completed by July 15th in order to request rental gear and/or clothing.

Releases & Waivers – due by July 15th
  • Complete the LandSea Release & Waiver
  • For LandSea Kalamazoo only:
    • Complete the Camp Merrie Woode Release (download below or from your Status Page and upload completed form to your Status Page)
  • For LandSea Adirondacks only:
    • Raquette River Outfitter (RRO) Waiver & Release (download below or from your Status Page and upload completed form to your Status Page) – This is the company that we use for additional canoes and stand-up-paddleboards
    • Beaver Brook Outfitters (BBO) Waiver & Release (download below or from your Status Page and upload completed form to your Status Page) – This is the company that we use for whitewater rafting
Proof of Insurance – due by July 15th

Make a copy or scan of both sides of your insurance card and upload to your Status Page. Please check to make sure the copy/scan is legible! If using a smartphone to take a picture of your insurance card, please use a scanning app (i.e. Notes App, CamScanner). This provides us a cleaner image of your card.

If you are enrolling in the College’s insurance, please enroll in the program before July 15th. Once enrolled, you may not have proof of insurance by the July 1st deadline. In this case, please email us to let our staff know that you are enrolling in institution insurance and send us a copy of your card once you get it.

Proof of Insurance for International Students

Please note that not every health insurance plan will cover medical expenses incurred out of the state of residence. Other companies will only allow emergency coverage. Please check with your insurance company about their travel coverage and ensure that your policy covers you during your time in Michigan. Many companies will allow travel exemptions for a short period of time if they are made aware ahead of time of the travel to another state.

Medical Information and Forms – due by July 15th
  • All LandSea participants are required to complete the LandSea Medical Questionnaire by July 15th
  • For LandSea Adirondacks participants only:
    • The Pre-Participation Physical is due by July 15th: Download the form below, have your physician complete, and upload the completed copy to your Status Page. Please be sure that the uploaded copy is legible.
  • In addition to LandSea paperwork, students must also have the College’s Entrance Medical Forms completed by August 1st
  • If you are under 18 by August 1st, you and your guardian must also complete the Consent for Treatment form on your Status Page under the Student Health Center section
  • Immunization Records must also be uploaded to your Status Page prior to August 1st if you are participating in LandSea. For Immunization information or questions, please contact the Student Health Center.

In the run-up to LandSea, the Student Health Center is operating on reduced summer hours and response to your phone call or e-mail may be delayed. Because of their reduced hours, the processing of forms may take several days, particularly immunization records which require additional review and approval. We highly recommend that you send in your forms as soon as you have finished them. The earlier, the better.

Please note that you will need your KNET username and password to complete the LandSea Medical Questionnaire and the MyChart paperwork. Your KNET information can be found on your portal.

To check the status of your completed forms, please check your Status Page.