Apply to be a LandSea Trip or Logistics Leader

Leader applications open: TBD for 2021-2022

Interested in being a LandSea leader in 2022?

We are currently planning LandSea 2022. Check back on this page for more updates regarding dates, application, training process, and more throughout the fall term. Questions or interested in learning more? Contact us at or stop by our office on the first floor of Harmon Hall!

Leader applications are due: TBD for 2021-2022

**Note: For current Kalamazoo College students, the process for applying to be a Trip Leader and a Logistics Leader functions the same until later on in the LandSea planning process. Please fill out all required materials for the general application as normal regardless of your role preference.

Application Process

  1. View the LandSea Trip Leader Internship Position Description
  2. Complete the Online Application
  3. Any time after completing the Online Application, but before the application deadline, you will need to submit additional information required for this particular position. You will be provided with an online form for your Personal Statement, and an upload link for your Résumé/CV. 

Application Dates:

TBD for 2021-2022 – All applications, supplementary materials, and references are due by noon. The LandSea office reserves the right to not consider any partially complete applications or those submitted after the deadline.

TBD for 2021-2022 – You may be invited by the OP Directors to participate in 1-2 interviews (date TBD).

TBD for 2021-2022 – Announcement of position offers.

Spring Break: March 2022 – Participate in leader training trip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky (free)

 Types of Offers:

LandSea offers two different types of responses.

1) The first is an “acceptance” letter.  If you receive an acceptance letter, you must sign and return the dated contract no later than the due date provided on the letter. If you do not accept the offer, please let us know as soon as possible. In the event you change your mind after declining, you may still be able to join, but a spot is not guaranteed.

2) The second type of letter is an “unacceptance” letter.  At the time of decisions, we did not have enough space to offer you a leader position. If the LandSea numbers change during spring term, we may reach out to these students to offer LandSea leader positions.

Those who have received an “unacceptance” letter may choose to speak to the LandSea staff directly to discuss further reasons behind the decision that was made and possibly gain insight as to how to better prepare themselves to apply again in the future. Students are also encouraged to seek out additional leadership or experiential/adventure education opportunities either on your own or by seeking out those experiences with on-campus groups such as Kalamazoo College’s Outing Club. Gaining experience within the field can increase your chances of being selected as a LandSea Leader in subsequent years and better prepare you for the position by gaining valuable experiences on shorter, but more frequent trips.