LandSea 2021 Update

5/12/2021: Registration for LandSea 2021 in Northern Michigan is OPEN!

General Gear Information

All participants must have all of the required LandSea gear prior to arriving for the beginning of the LandSea program. To aid participants in bringing adequate gear LandSea provides a packing list in addition to more in-depth information pertaining to bringing your own equipment.

Packing Lists

The Base Camp Packing List provide a thorough list of required supplies, which we believe to be the ideal balance of preparedness for a variety of weather conditions and lightweight packing. These lists have been refined from years of experience. Although you may consider bringing additional items, remember you will be responsible for keeping track of all of your belongings. However, do not bring less than what is listed!

Gear Selection Tips:

  • Take into account the weight and pack-ability of the items you bring. Your gear should fit in one medium-sized bag.
  • Footwear is key gear to participate in LandSea. Check out the packing list for specifics.
  • Begin gathering your clothing and items now. Many items can likely be borrowed from family members and friends. Catalogs, local and online stores will be able to offer the necessary items in a variety of brands and price ranges. A list of outdoor suppliers can be found on the resources page. You must have all of the required LandSea gear prior to arriving on campus for the beginning of the LandSea program.

Group Gear

LandSea supplies all other necessary personal and group gear except that which is specifically listed on the packing list.

Items that will be supplied to groups include: whistles, maps, compasses, ground cloths, tarps, bear canisters, food, cooking equipment, access to water, water treatment, and med kits. Charges incurred as a result of excessive damage or loss of equipment will be the student’s responsibility.

If you need a backpack, sleeping bag, and/or ground pad they can be rented from the program at no additional cost. You may use your own backpack, sleeping bag, and/or ground pad if you prefer. To find out if your own gear is adequate, check out our Personal Gear page.