Why do LandSea?

Important LandSea 2020 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LandSea will not take place in the Adirondacks in New York this summer. We are offering opportunities for incoming and current students to safely gather together in their local regions. For more information on Meet-ups in your area, you can check out our Events page.

Build Connections

One of the most powerful benefits of participating in LandSea is the opportunity make connections with new and current students prior to beginning college. Getting to know the student leaders on trail allows ample time to orient to life at K and get connected to resources and opportunities on campus. Friendships that begin on LandSea are often fundamental to the connections that are made within the first year at the College.

Positive Impacts of Outdoor Orientation Experiences

Participation in outdoor orientation trips like LandSea has been shown to be positively associated with many important factors to student success, including: social connectedness, feelings of belonging, campus involvement, independence, and even increased retention and grade-point averages!

PE Credit

LandSea is one of the most fun ways to earn physical education credit at Kalamazoo College. All Kalamazoo College graduates are required to complete one credit of PE, which is typically fulfilled by participating in five different 0.2 credit PE classes. Students who participate in LandSea will receive 0.2 credits toward their PE requirement.

In their own words…

A former leader created a documentary about the various positive impacts of participating in LandSea