Registration and Forms

LandSea 2022

We are currently planning LandSea 2022. While we have updated the dates of the program, please stay tuned for additional information regarding 2022 LandSea opportunities. Check back here for more information regarding location, pricing, and trip options or contact us at with questions.

Registrations and deposits for LandSea Pre-Orientation program are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage anyone interested in participating to register and deposit as early as possible in order to have the best odds of getting one of our limited spots.

Submission Deadlines

Various need-based scholarship forms: June 1st
Required LandSea forms and paperwork: July 1st

All required LandSea paperwork MUST be submitted no later than July 1st. For those applying for LandSea scholarships the registration, deposit, and scholarship application must be submitted by June 1st.

Failure to meet the deadline may result in your ineligibility to participate and forteiture of any refund.

Form Details

LandSea Registration & Deposit

First things first, let’s get you signed up for the trip! Complete the LandSea Registration Form no later than July 1st (or June 1st for those applying for a LandSea scholarship). After completing the registration there will be a link provided to complete the $25 non-refundable deposit by credit card.

Scholarship Application (optional)

Scholarship submission deadline: June 1st

Aside from completing and submitting the Scholarship Application, in order to be considered for one of the LandSea scholarships applicants must first complete and submit the LandSea Registration form, pay the LandSea deposit by June 1st.

LandSea Release & Waiver

Complete the LandSea Release & Waiver

Before signing, please review the LandSea Participant Handbook

Proof of Insurance

Make a copy or scan of both sides of your insurance card and upload to your Applicant Status Page. Please check to make sure the copy/scan is legible! If using a smartphone to take a picture of your insurance card, please use a scanning app (i.e. Notes App, CamScanner). This provides us a cleaner image of your card.

If you are enrolling in the College’s insurance, please enroll in the program by July 1st. Once enrolled, you can download your insurance card and send a copy to us.

You will not have proof of insurance by the July 1st deadline if you are enrolling in Kalamazoo College insurance. In this case, please let our staff know that you are enrolling in institution insurance and send us a copy of your card once you get it.

Proof of Insurance for International Students

Please note that not every health insurance plan will cover medical expenses incurred out of the state of residence. Other companies will only allow emergency coverage. Please check with your insurance company about their travel coverage and ensure that your policy covers you during your time in Michigan. Many companies will allow travel exemptions for a short period of time if they are made aware ahead of time of the travel to another state.

Medical Questionnaire

All Kalamazoo College students are required to complete the Medical Questionnaire prior to arriving on campus. You will need your KNET username and password to access the site (these will be provided to you on your Applicant Status Page).

If you are under 18, at the end of the medical questionnaire will be a Minor’s Consent to Treat form. 

Immunizations & COVID-19 Vaccination

All incoming Kalamazoo College students are required to submit their immunization records and proof of vaccination against COVID-19 through your student status page. You’ll need your KNET username and password to log in (these will be provided to you on your Applicant Status Page).

This year, ALL students and employees at Kalamazoo College are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Participants and leaders in LandSea will need to be at least two weeks out from their final dose of the vaccine (fully immunized).

For Immunization History or COVID-19 Vaccination questions, please contact: or 269-337-7200.

All Kalamazoo College students are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. All participants (and leaders and staff for LandSea) are required to be fully vaccinated (one Johnson & Johnson shot or two Moderna or Pfizer shots) and at least two weeks out from their last shot before they arrive for LandSea.

Additional forms may be completed on Check-in Day such as GO-REC’s Release (for staying on property during the program). 

Submitting Forms

Please submit your forms by uploading the forms to your Applicant Status Page.  

For questions regarding the Medical Health Questionnaire or any of the other health-related requirements, please contact the Student Health Center:

      Phone: (269) 337-7200

Note: In the run-up to LandSea the Student Health Center is operating on reduced summer hours and response to your phone call or e-mail may be delayed. Because of their reduced hours, the processing of forms may take several days, particularly immunization records which require additional review and approval. 

We highly recommend that you send in your forms as soon as you have finished them. The earlier, the better. 

To check the status of your completed forms, please check your Applicant Status Page.