Check-In Day

LandSea 2021

5/12/2021: Registration for LandSea 2021 in Northern Michigan is OPEN! Further details about Check-in Days will be posted and communicated in late May/early June 2021.

Check-In Day 2021

This page includes a schedule and details about Check-In Day and the arrival of participants on campus for LandSea. Also, there is a section of Check-In FAQS at the bottom of this page. For specific dates, look at the Dates & Times page.


Information regarding 2021 Check-in Day will be posted in May/June 2021.

Check-in will primarily take place at GO-REC on the first day of each session. Schedules and information will be provided at a later date.

Day-Before Check-In Day

Out-of-state students may need to arrive in Kalamazoo early.  However, neither LandSea nor Residential Life is able to accommodate students who arrive before Check-In Day. Students who arrive early will need to arrange accommodations off-campus.  If you will be coming from outside of the region and will need to arrive on the day before Check-in, there are several hotels located near campus.  The Radisson located downtown, has an airport shuttle, and is less than one mile walking distance away from campus.  There are also several taxi services that you can call to setup a ride from the airport to your hotel as well as to the school.

We require that all international participants arrive to campus the day before check-in day in order to finalize any gear purchases that you may need.

Leisure Limousine and Sedan provides transportation from the airport (AZO).  It is $24 (not including tip) to the K campus.  Their number is 269-381-5460 and the agent is Lori. 

Check-In Day

Additional details regarding the timing of Check-In Day will be posted in May/June 2021.

Part of the check-in process will be a “bag check” which consists of our staff helping you bring what you need to GO-REC and making sure that you leave behind anything that isn’t necessary and/or not allowed.

Any last minute LandSea related gear purchases can be made at a local sporting goods store, but options and time may be limited.

Note that if you arrive on Check-In Day and are ill or are displaying signs of a fever you may not be able to participate in the program for your own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of other LandSea participants and staff.  The severity of the condition will be determined at that time by the LandSea and Student Health Center’s Staff.  If you arrive on Check-In Day and are unable to participate in the program because of illness you will not be able to stay on campus and will be required to return home, providing your own transportation and travel accommodations.  The general cancellation policy for the LandSea Program will be applied to cases like these.  We encourage everyone to stay healthy and safe over the weeks prior to the program in order to ensure that you can join us up in New York.

Check-In FAQs

What if I’m from far away?  Can I come to Kalamazoo/Traverse City the night before Check-In Day?

Yes, but it is recommended only if it is impossible to get to GO-REC on the Check-In Day.  If this is the case, students will need to make arrangements to eat and sleep off campus that evening. Upon request, we can recommend several hotels close to campus or close to GO-REC. Transportation will only be provided between campus and GO-REC for those who are from outside of the region and cannot provide their own transportation to GO-REC.

If I fly into Kalamazoo Airport, can I get picked up at the airport?  How about if taking a train or bus?

We do not offer airport, train, or bus station pick-up.  We recommend that you arrange for a taxi service to pick you up and take you to your hotel or see if your hotel offers an airport shuttle.

When is it best for my parents to come and help me move in?

It is expected that all First Year students will move in to their dorms on First-Year Move-In Day, September 8, 2021. Only students who participate in Session 2 and are from outside of the Midwest region will be permitted to stay on campus between the end of Session 2 on Tuesday, September 7 and First-Year Move-In on Wednesday, September 8.

Where is the local Grocery store?  Airport?

There is a Walgreens within walking distance of campus and a grocery store a few miles away.  The nearest airport to campus is the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport (code:  AZO) and is approx, 8 miles from campus. The nearest airport to GO-REC is the Traverse City Cherry Capital Airport (code: TVC).

Additional FAQs about Check-In Day are coming in May/June 2021. Have questions in the meantime? Contact us.