Apply to be a Logistics Leader (Off-Campus)

Off-campus Application Process

Please submit the following materials, saved as a PDF, to Jory Horner 


  • Full time student at Kalamazoo College (or recently graduated)
  • Must be able to perform physical duties related to LandSea activities including hiking, canoeing, and various outdoor activities
  • Experience with or enthusiasm for working in small leadership teams
  • Ability to remain flexible in a changing environment
  • Desire to acquire and learn preferred qualifications
  • Know outdoor living skills or be motivated to learn them and to teach those skills to others
  • Demonstrate minimum skills competencies in the valued skills (listed below) by the start of program


We feel that the ideal outdoor leader has competencies in each of the following areas. We do not expect all applicants to have experience in all listed skill areas, but seek applicants who are motivated to gain experience in the following areas by way of trainings and workshops offered by K-College departments and LandSea leader trainings. See the posted schedule for training opportunities at:

  • Environmental – Leave No Trace, plant and animal identification, Michigan ecosystems, natural history
  • Diversity & Inclusion – understanding of multiple cultures, power & identity education, using inclusive language, intercultural communication
  • Health & Wellness – Wilderness medicine trainings and certifications, mental health awareness, nutrition, injury prevention
  • Instruction – knowledge of learning styles, experiential teaching strategies, teachable moments, creating positive learning environments
  • Leadership – Experiences in leadership positions, facilitation techniques, leadership styles, creating positive group norms
  • Technical – backpacking, canoeing, outdoor living, map and compass


Please complete the Personal Statement form (Supplemental Application) addressing the following questions: 

  • What position are you applying for? Trip Leader or Logistics-Eligible Trip Leader?
  • What are your motivations for applying to be a Leader?
  • What training or experiences do you have that relate to the Preferred Qualifications listed above?
  • If chosen, what unique contributions do you expect to bring to the LandSea program? 
  • If chosen, what parts of being a leader do you imagine will be most challenging for you?
  • In what ways do you foresee the LandSea Trip Leader Internship contributing toward your professional and academic goals?


Please include a professional résumé/CV to be attached as a PDF to your application.  Include all relevant work and volunteer experience and education or trainings that relate to the Preferred Qualifications. If no such previous work experience exists, please include any and all other non-related work. 


  • New Leader Applicants (have not led LandSea before): Please provide two references. References can come from individuals who can best speak to your skills, abilities and attitude (ex. current or recent: coach, teacher, mentor, boss, etc.)
  • Returning/Logistics Leader Applicants (have led LandSea before): Only one reference is required, but you may provide two if you would like.
  • References may be from the K-College community or someone you know who is not part of the K-College community.
  • References: Submit a Reference Request (located on the menu on the upper left of this page). Your references will be sent a link to a form with instructions for submitting a reference for you. However, it is important that you contact potential references ahead of time to inquire as to whether or not they would be willing or able to provide a reference for you. Always ask ahead of time and well in advance of the deadline.

Your reference should use the Off-Campus Reference Form.

Please see the Training Page for Important Dates for 2019